What is all about integrative psychology?

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Integrative psychology is a great method of therapy that integrates many things for example anxiety and stress. In this case, anxiety and stress are two diverse types of psychotherapy, so by using the various methods the psychiatrist provides the counseling to the patient. The main idea behind this integrative therapy is exclusive for a particular person and the therapy which works for you will not be working perfectly for others. Therefore, integrative therapy works well to make the therapy program that suits the particular personal issues and needs of the patient. Nowadays, integrative therapy is increasingly found to be the most common type of therapy for people.

After making the wide range of therapies the therapists have undertaken several forms of the psychotherapy training program to blend the best integrative psychology therapy program to produce the best results for the patients. The main aim of this integrative therapy is to help the person to explore what is causing the problems in your life and for creating the bespoke program to help you to begin your life in a more productive and open way.

How integrative therapy works?

integrative psychology

In general, integrative psychology therapy has been framed from three main psychotherapeutic thoughts namely cognitive, psychoanalytical, and humanistic behavioral. In general, there are 4 types of therapy that are out in the integrative and it explains how this therapy works in providing the best results to the person.

  • Humanistic therapy – In this therapy to will get to know about your capacity in achieving your own strength and you should know about the best belief that suits for your character and behavior. Moreover, this therapy might also look for the past patterns but this therapy mainly focuses on helping the person to address the present-day behavioral patterns
  • Psychoanalytical therapy – This therapy explores your unconscious state to discover how your past life experience has informed your future and can involve dream analysis and free association.
  • Mindfulness – This therapy is found to be used increasingly, it contains the set of techniques to help the person to think about their present life, what they experiencing, thinking, and feeling in this current situation in spite of always thinking about the future and past worries.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This therapy mainly focuses on changing your current day behavior just for improving your ability to cope and moods. This integrative psychology therapy program mainly focuses on the connections between actions, thought, and emotions.

Based on your challenges and issues the therapist will be using any one of the above approaches for providing you the best results. For example, if you are consulting the integrative therapist then it means that you are troubled by childhood trauma in which the therapist may use psychodynamic tactics, helping you to remember what happened and it’s examining the way you interpret the past. If this trauma has made some changes in you then the therapist will be using the cognitive-behavioral techniques to help you to gain more of the ability to monitor and to choose your reactions on the daily basis to identify the progress.

How the integrative psychology therapy is different from other forms of the therapy

In general, the ways of integrative therapy deals with different forms of the therapy in which the following are some of the reasons that explain how integrative psychology therapy offers different forms of treatments to the patient in helping to reduce their anxiety and stress.

  • The integrative therapy does not have the proper working model (although the therapist may have their own working models to cure the issues of the patients)
  • The therapy is suitable for different forms of the issues and conditions of the person
  • This type of therapy in integrative psychology is flexible where the therapist can change the therapy form in the mid-process
  • Integrative psychology therapy is less rigid or structured

In general, the integrative therapies do not mean that your therapist is just randomly picking the therapy form that they check and decide that it would work for you in treating your issues and conditions. While integrative therapists also use the different schools of therapy that they have learned in order to make you get rid out of the issues.

Benefits of the integrative therapy in integrative psychology

integrative psychology

Integrative therapy is found to be more beneficial to all people where it provides the solution for two different forms of psychological issues. Comparing to all other psychological issues the integrative psychology therapy is found to be offering the best results to offer the solution and best results to two different kinds of psychological issues. The following are the benefits that you can get through integrative therapy. They are.

  • By using this therapy you can integrate all the different aspects of yourself (emotions, spirituality, body, emotions, mind, and social skills)
  • You can able to recognize the limitations that you have to maintain within you and find the best way to move above them.
  • You can set the goals that lead you towards the life that makes you feel happy
  • You can start your life more open and less judgmental way
  • Through this integrative therapy, you will clearly understand what causes you to feel the challenges in life

The issues that are recommended to integrative therapy like depression, trauma, autism, anxiety, learning difficulties, bereavement, phobias, addictions, and Low self-esteem. As with other forms of therapy, integrative therapy also requires that you are open-minded to explore your hopes, fear, life, and what caused you the challenges, and what is the hope for your future. During this therapy, you need to feel happy and should be free from thinking about your past sorrows and future worries only then you can be very happy in your present life. Moreover, integrative therapy provides the best results to you and makes you feel happy forever by keeping your mind, thoughts, and body free from anxiety and stress.

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