Top 5 rare mental disorders you probably haven’t heard of

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Every year, one in five adults across the world experiences the mental illness due to stress, depression or any other reasons. In today’s stressful lifestyle, most of the men and women are getting such kinds of mental problems with lots of symptoms and negative effects. Disorders like these are moderately well understood with mental health professionals and other clinicians who are all using the different diagnoses along with some diagnosis & treatment plans. However, some mental health conditions are severe and rare mental disorders which can never encounter even by the health professionals. They are uncommon and rarely occurred in a few humans due to their psychological matters and lifestyle.

What are the top 3 mental disorders?

The term psychological disorder is actually referred to what is most frequently identified as psychiatric disorders or mental disorders. The following are some of the rare psychological issues or disorders faced by different numbers of people.

Stendhal Syndrome rare mental disorders:

rare mental disorders

Those people who have Stendhal Syndrome will experience both the emotional and physical anxiety along with the dissociative experiences, panic attacks, hallucinations, and also confusion when exposed to art. It is one of the rare psychological syndromes which provide these kinds of symptoms to the affected people. These symptoms are probably triggered by art which is observed as specifically attractive or when a person is exposed to a bigger amount of art which are concentrated in a particular place such as photo gallery and museum. At the same time, individuals with this psychological problem may also experience related reactions to beauty in nature. This syndrome also has some other names like Florence Syndrome and Hyperculturemia.

How Apotemnophilia is one of the rare mental disorders?

  • Whenever you are considering this Apotemnophilia, it is very rare among the list of psychological disorders and is also known as body integrity identity disorder.
  • This mental health problem is actually described by the overwhelming wish to remove healthy parts of the body. Thus, this disorder is considered to be neurological.
  • Those individuals who are all affected by this problem may attempt to damage the limb or remove their own limbs so that surgical elimination is essential.
  • This mental health disorder is probably related to the right parietal lobe damage in the human brain.

This particular condition is somewhat challenging to treat because the individuals with this disorder often don’t seek treatment.

 The rare mental disorders like Alien hand syndrome:

rare mental disorders

If the person is looking for what are the top 3 mental disorders, then this alien hand syndrome is one of the most considerable choices among others. This particular syndrome is considered by the belief that one person’s hand doesn’t belong to himself or herself but that it has its own life. Those experience this syndrome may characterize the limb as the separate entity. When it comes to the unaffected hand is under the control of the individuals while the affected hand has its own plan. It can occur in the persons who have damage to corpus callosum that connects the different cerebral hemispheres of the brain. The main causes of this mental disorder include damage to the parietal lobe and stroke. The affected hand then appears to be in ideomotor apraxia or inter manual conflict.    

Know more about Capgras Syndrome rare mental disorders:

  • Those who are all affected by this Capgras Syndrome actually hold the delusional belief which some person in their life usually a close friend, spouse, or any other family member has been replaced by a fake personality.
  • It may be one of the rare mental disorders occurred in patients with dementia, schizophrenia, after traumatic brain injury and epilepsy.
  • When considering the treatment approaches to this syndrome, they frequently include antipsychotic medications.

Get details about Alice in Wonderland syndrome rare mental disorders:

This Alice in Wonderland syndrome is also known as Todd syndrome which is actually a neurologic condition in which the person’s sense of body space, image, or/and time distorted. It is one of the rare mental disorders which affect the patients who may also have hallucinations, an altered sense of velocity, and also a sensory distortion. It usually results from a change in perception and includes a lot of symptoms which will trigger fear and panic responses. The patients are actually confused about the shape and size of their body parts. It is also related to brain tumours, frequent migraines, or drug use. It will mostly affect the kids between the ages of 5 to 10. A lot of health care services are available now to treat this mental illness with an effective treatment option.

Neurodevelopmental disorders as rare mental disorders:

rare mental disorders

If you are considering the list of psychological disorders, you may see the several forms of neurodevelopmental disorders which are usually diagnosed during childhood, infancy, or adolescent age. The most common neurodevelopmental psychological disorders include,

  • Intellectual disability
  • Global developmental delay
  • Communication disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Bipolar & related disorders
  • Mania
  • Depressive syndromes
  • Anxiety disorders and more.

You can see a variety of rare mental disorders which is currently spreading in different parts of the world. Whether you or your loveable person is affected by any one of these issues, first of all, it is crucial to look for the best and quick treatment option.

If the psychological syndromes are untreated, they will threaten your life and it may lead to even death sometimes. This is why it is too important to immediately go for the right treatment from a reliable and experienced psychological professional.

From the infancy age to the older persons, one can face this kind of rare mental disorders at any time mainly due to depression and anxiety. Depression, stress, and anxiety are common causes of mental problems. But the reason to occur in the childhood and infancy age is due to the birth defect. Some kids are affected by the mental disorders even from their mother’s pregnancy period and they might be untreated or due to the careless of the parents.

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