Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. It is a social science that deals with mental processes and behavior.

Psychology is the scientific study of how people think, feel and behave. It includes the study of human development, cognitive processes, personality and social behaviors.

The word psychology comes from two Greek words- “psyche” meaning soul or mind and “logos” meaning word or study.

Psychology has been around for a long time as it was first studied by Aristotle in 350 BC who believed that emotions are related to bodily fluids such as bile or phlegm.

Dark Psychology

Dark Psychology: 5 Fascinating Psychological Phenomena That Can Change Your Life

Dark Psychology is a new genre of psychological thriller that is gripping and terrifying. The genre has been around since the 1800s but has evolved since the 2000s. Dark Psychology deals with psychological phenomena that are not widely known and may be considered taboo. They are often rooted in human nature and are difficult to…

Psychological Facts about Love Relationships

What we know about love – Psychological Facts about Love Relationships

Love is a very complicated emotion. It is often not easy to understand it and to explain why we feel the way we do. That’s why psychologists have studied this feeling for decades and have come up with a lot of interesting facts about love relationships. There are as many different ways to define love…


is swimming a sport yes or no?

Summer is actually perfect nearby and dive time is actually swift coming close to. For some children this will definitely be their main sporting activity, for others, this will certainly be actually simply one of a lot of. Going swimming is among the ideal sports to take part in, having said that very much of…

community psychology 1

Understand the basics of community psychology and its remarkable benefits

community psychology is a speciality area concerned with the ecological interactions of the person and the methods society affects both individual and social functioning. It deliberates on social institutions, social issues, and other settings that affect organizations, groups, and individuals. This branch of psychology as science seeks to understand the overall relationships between the development…

psychology podcast 1

What is the Best psychology podcast?

Learning about the mind, behavior, therapy, and emotional researches may assist your qualified life, despite what sort of work you perform. It can easily additionally aid your individual life as it can easily boost your communication and your relationships. So we checked out the most ideal podcasts in the psychology podcast science space to aid…

physiological psychology 1

A detailed view of physiological psychology

Physiological psychology is a division of biological psychology or behavioral neuroscience that has the contents of neural mechanisms of behavior and perception. Through direct manipulation of the brain that subjects in controlled experiments and the controlled experiment mentioned here are the scientific control observation or experiment that is designed for minimizing the effects of variables…

integrative psychology 1

What is all about integrative psychology?

Integrative psychology is a great method of therapy that integrates many things for example anxiety and stress. In this case, anxiety and stress are two diverse types of psychotherapy, so by using the various methods the psychiatrist provides the counseling to the patient. The main idea behind this integrative therapy is exclusive for a particular…

psychology facts about love

What performs psychology facts about love?

We devote our lifespans to craving it, seeking it, and talking about it. Its significance is felt more than it is clearly shared. It’s phoned the greatest virtue. Love is remarkable and also facility. Romantic love, particularly, seems to become a stunning enigma we discover difficult. Writers and also songwriters may place many of our…

geriatric psychology 1

How to find experts in geriatric psychology to take care of elders?

Everyone has a wish to enhance the overall health and lifestyle of their parents in the later stages of life and they can contact and discuss with specialists in geriatric psychology. They get outstanding assistance and make a good decision to use the first-class psychological treatments for their parents. Old age can be a time…

psychology vs sociology 1

What is actually a variation between psychology vs sociology?

Human beings move via lifestyle navigating popular standards, social impacts, as well as other variables that affect both specific actions as well as society at large. Sociologists and social psychotherapists are actually 2 kinds of specialists who examine our lives, behaviors, and thoughts, in addition to how these elements participate in out in social groups….

psychology websites

Why need to search for the best psychology websites for your psychology needs?

When you are browsing Google, there are numerous psychology websites available for professional psychologists. Through these websites, you can study all that you have ever wanted to know. Unquestionably, psychology websites have been a very useful vehicle in promoting the discipline of psychology. It can also be helpful in stimulating the cognizance of mental health….

psychology major jobs 2

Are you a psychological science significant checking out psychology major jobs task possibilities?

Your career road will definitely depend upon your interests and skills, but as a psych primary, you can easily utilize the skills you acquired in college in a range of various forms of projects. Psychology majors normally cultivate an intense understanding of human behavior, inspirations, emotional states, and assumed patterns. The majority of psychology major…

integrative psychotherapy 1

A detailed review of integrative psychotherapy

Integrative psychotherapy is a process of integrating the personality of humans. It means that uniting the cognitive, affective, psychological, and also behavioral systems within a particular person. This integrative psychotherapy also holds a mindset towards the psychotherapy practice which establishes the inbuilt value of every individual. It is also the combining psychotherapy process that provides…